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Complex Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Foliation Theory

(1 - 26 May 2017)

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This program concerns the recent developments in Complex Analysis and its Applications. Among a very large choice of topics, we will focus on those related to Pluripotential Theory.

The Pluripotential Theory, a branch of Complex Analysis, was founded in the '50s by Lelong and Oka. It became a very important and powerful tool with connections with many mathematical theories: Complex Analysis, Complex Differential Geometry, Complex Algebraic Geometry, Dynamics, Foliations and also in Mathematical Physics. The aim of this program is to bring together experts who are working in these topics with interest in pluripotential theory. It will give them an opportunity to learn the recent results and to share their new ideas.

Beside informal discussions and seminars, we will organize a week of mini courses (accessible to PhD students, young researchers and non-experts) and also a one week conference. We would like to emphasize the following research directions:
  • Complex dynamics in higher dimension;
  • Pluripotential techniques in the theory of holomorphic foliations;
  • Bergman kernels and its applications;
  • Problems from complex geometry, complex analysis (e.g. Kobayashi hyperbolicity, Nevanlinna theory, manifolds with special Kaehler metrics) and other problems from mathematical physics.

Please note that our office will be closed on the following public holiday.
- 1 May 2017, Labour Day
- 10 May 2017, Vesak Day


IMS Auditorium
Block S17, #04-06, Seminar Room 1, Department of Mathematics, NUS, 10 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119076 (17 May 2017, afternoon & 24 May 2017)

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