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Meeting the Statistical Challenges in High Dimensional Data and Complex Networks

(5 - 16 Feb 2018)

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The program aims at showing the role of modern statistical methods in complex data and serves to support interactions among mathematicians, statisticians, engineers and scientists working in the interface of experiment, computation, analysis and statistics. Two workshops with a few special lectures will focus on the development of new statistical methods in high dimensional data and complex networks with their interactions in scientific and social sciences. It seeks to foster activity and collaboration on all aspects of the effects of the high dimensional data analysis and social networks.

This program includes the following two workshops, which are interconnected with each other.

  • Workshop on High Dimensional Data Analysis
    We address the following topics of the modern statistical analysis, from the science frontiers to methodology development. Each topic is closely related to the other.

    Topic on Science Frontiers
    - New data type and emerging new scientific problem
    - Recent development in biomedical research

    Topic on Methodology Development
    - Random matrix theory
    - Classification and clustering
    - Recent advancement in machine learning and shape analysis

  • Workshop on Social Networks
    We address many recent issues in social networks, including but not limited to:

    Topic on Data collection and cleaning
    Topic on Network models

Plenary Speakers
Invited Speakers

Please note that our office will be closed on the following public holiday.
- 16 Feb 2018, first day of Chinese New Year